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Want to lay claim to your very own wheel of Raw Milk C2 - the newly crowned World Cheese Awards' Best Australian Cheese?

Adopting your very own wheel of Raw Milk C2 gives you the unique opportunity to follow the journey of your cheese from our dairy farm to your table. By adopting a C2, you'll be securing your personal wheel, which we will mature over the next 6 months before delivering to you in December 2024, just in time for Christmas delivery!  

To place an order and secure your wheel of C2, simply pay a deposit of $250 on our website, and we'll do the rest!

C2 is the sort of cheese found throughout the mountains of France & northern Italy, a classic cooked curd cheese made in the traditional large wheels.

Using the beautiful spring milk that is currently being produced on our farm, we will begin the process by producing your wheel of Raw Milk C2 in our hard cheese-making facility in Ranelagh. It will be carefully matured for 8 months, and then sent to you in December!

We mature the cheeses on the same Canadian Oregon Pine wooden boards that we've used on Bruny Island since 2006. This will help us to grow the same bacteria, yeast and mould on the rind as for the wheels made on Bruny, and develop its complex flavour.

Don't miss this opportunity to adopt your very own wheel! Each wheel of handmade cheese will be around 4-5kg and will last several weeks after you have cracked it (don't worry, we will tell you how to look after it).

The final cost of your cheese will be determined by its final weight, with a price per kg of $119. We will weigh it just before we send it because your cheese will lose about 15% of its body weight during maturation. You can expect the total price to come in between $450 to $550, depending on the final weight of your wheel.

WHY ADOPT? Be part of the journey of your cheese from our dairy farm to your table, and have something exciting to look forward to. We will send you a photo update of how your cheese is getting along, so you’ll see it ageing, as well as a progress report from our Head Cheesemaker. 

ADOPT NOW  To secure your adoption, all you need to do at this stage is pay a deposit of $250. We will sort out the balance just before we send it to you in December.

DEPOSIT  The first payment of $250 is a deposit only to secure one of our limited wheels of C2 and name it. 

PAYMENT OF BALANCE  We will be in touch later in the year to pay your balance after your cheese has been weighed. 

Get ready to welcome your new family member!


milk: cow

type: hard, natural rind

age: approx 6 months.

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