Bruny Island Cheese Co.


Cheese, beer & bread
All Tasmanian produce
Artisan, hand-made, traditional
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We make great cheese and beer on a little island at the end of the world. 


Founded by Nick Haddow in 2003, we first started making cheeses inspired by Nick’s travels and training throughout the great cheese producing regions of the world. Our cheeses are all made and matured using traditional techniques and are highly regarded as being some of the finest artisan cheeses made in Australia. We want our cheeses to reflect the seasonal nature of our Huon Valley farm and our herd of rare breed cows. We want our cheeses to show a distinctly Tasmanian character.

Bruny Island Beer Co.

In 2016 we started making beer. Locally grown ingredients and an eye towards Tasmania's seasons and sensibilities are what guides our beers down an unconventional path. True to the ethos that underpins our farming and cheesemaking, the goal in our Brewery is to create intrinsically Tasmanian flavours and explore the rare opportunity offered by a Brewery and Cheesery operating alongside each other. All our beers are open fermented, bottle conditioned and free from preservatives.

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