Raw Tom Whole Wheel 4kg

Raw Tom Whole Wheel 4kg

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Raw Tom is a simple cheese, and yet encapsulates the two things critical to great cheese - fantastic milk, and real maturation techniques. On the outside is a dry, natural rind that is developed over a few months of ageing. On the inside is just pure milk, reflecting what the cows are eating through the seasons.

Made from unpasteurised cow's milk in the tradition of the Tomme cheeses made in the mountainous French Savoie region. He gets along famously with everyone. Tom likes being rubbed.

Creating a Raw Milk version of Tom has been a labour of love years in the making.

Why do you like Raw Milk Cheese?

“Three things for me: complexity of flavour, a more vivid connection to place, and the sense of experiencing something ancestral/pre-industrial.” @kirkweeden

“The flavours are more complex; and if you're lucky enough to have the same cheese across a year, you can really taste the seasonal changes in the animal's diet and life cycle.” @piptotty

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