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This is the most exciting Cheese Box that we've released in a very long time, because it heralds the release of two NEW Raw Milk Cheeses - Raw Tom and Raw George. This is the culmination of years of work and a true labour of love.



RAW TOM (2 x 130g)

Tom was the first cheese made by Nick on Bruny Island on 15 November 2003, so it’s fitting that in our 20th year, we have created a Raw Milk version of our founding cheese.

Tom is a simple cheese, and yet encapsulates the two things critical to great cheese - fantastic milk, and real maturation techniques. On the outside is a dry, natural rind that is developed over a few months of ageing. On the inside is just really great milk, reflecting what the cows are eating through the seasons.

RAW GEORGE (2 x 130g)

Raw Milk George is crumbly, savoury and with a salty bite. Made in large 5kg wheels, George ages slowly and develops a stronger flavour profile, with intense umami and slightly brothy notes. George delivers great length of flavour.


C2 is the one that started it all. It was the first cheese in Australia made from unpasteurised milk (way back in 2009) and is the purest expression of our craft.

C2 is the sort of cheese found throughout the mountains of France and northern Italy. A classic cooked curd cheese made in a traditional large form. C2 matures for 4 - 8months, during which time it develops a sweet aroma and a mildly nutty flavour.

Why Raw Milk Cheese?

Milk, more than any other food except perhaps honey, reflects where it comes from. It is an expression of a location, and a moment in time. Turning milk into cheese captures that time and place, and creates cheese that couldn’t be made anywhere else.

The foundation of raw milk cheese is clean, fresh milk. The milk for these cheeses comes from our small-scale, sustainable dairy farm in the Huon Valley, where we make choices that are all about maximising animal welfare, environmental stewardship and flavour.

As Head Cheesemaker Luke Jackson says, “We wouldn’t be able to make these cheeses with anyone else’s milk.”

The milk comes straight from the farm in its pure, natural state, preserving the native microflora that develops its unique and interesting flavours. The milk is gravity fed, the curds are hooped by hand, and every other part of the process is kept as traditional and minimal as possible to preserve its integrity.

We are so incredibly proud to release these two new Raw Milk Cheeses. We invite you to join the uncharted journey with our First Release Raw Milk Cheese Box, or our Premium Raw Milk Subscription where you will get to taste different batches of the same cheese throughout the year.

What to expect with the Premium Subscription Box

With our Premium Raw Milk Cheese Subscription you will receive a regular delivery of different batches of the same cheese to contrast and compare to different flavour profiles between the batches.

Raw Milk Cheese is a reflection of a singular moment in time and place, which means it doesn't taste exactly the same every time. There will be variations in flavour profiles, colour and texture, but the cheese will always be interesting and delicious. You'll be able to map the changes in the flavour profiles across all seasons.

Historically we have seen in Spring and Summer, the cows eat grass and pasture plants that produce sweet and nutty notes. In Winter the farm switches to more supplemental feed, such as hay, grain and silage, which develops more barnyard, brothy and meaty notes in the cheese.

Why do you like Raw Milk Cheese?

“Three things for me: complexity of flavour, a more vivid connection to place, and the sense of experiencing something ancestral/pre-industrial.” @kirkweeden

“The flavours are more complex; and if you're lucky enough to have the same cheese across a year, you can really taste the seasonal changes in the animal's diet and life cycle.” @piptotty

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