Wild Mother Tasmania - Black Cherry Vinegar

Wild Mother Tasmania - Black Cherry Vinegar

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Wild Mother Tasmania is a newly launched vinegar producer based in the Huon Valley. Made with minimal intervention, their un-filtered and un-pasteurised vinegars are full flavoured and delicious vinegars, made with no colours, flavours or other additives.

The process of making vinegar starts with fermentation of the pressed fruit.  Once fully fermented the cider (or wine) is fermented again with vinegar mother, to create vinegar.  Wild Mother Tasmania have developed their own naturally occurring vinegar mother from organic fruit - hence their business name.  

The Black Cherry Vinegar is a delicious, fruit forward and full bodied alternative to red wine vinegar.  It has an aromatic comparable to a pinot noir wine vinegar, with strength and depth.  Made from 100% pressed fresh Tassie cherries, it is packed full of flavour and goodies.

Cherries for the Black Cherry Vinegar are sourced from the Huon and Derwent Valleys.

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