Raw George Portion 130g

Raw George Portion 130g

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Made from unpasteurised cow's milk, Raw George is a bit like that one uncle we all have; unapologetically straightforward but once you get to know him he reveals a softer, delicate side with surprising depth. 

Simple production from farm to factory allows the milk from our cows to develop rich, sweet flavours.  

Raw George is crumbly, savoury and with a salty bite. Made in large 5kg wheels, George ages slowly and develops a stronger flavour profile, with intense umami and slightly brothy notes. George delivers great length of flavour.

Creating a Raw Milk version of George has been a labour of love years in the making. We invite you to join the exciting uncharted journey with our Raw Milk Cheese Subscription Box, or our Premium Raw Milk Subscription where you will get to taste different batches of the same cheese throughout the year.

Why do you like Raw Milk Cheese?

“Three things for me: complexity of flavour, a more vivid connection to place, and the sense of experiencing something ancestral/pre-industrial.” @kirkweeden

“The flavours are more complex; and if you're lucky enough to have the same cheese across a year, you can really taste the seasonal changes in the animal's diet and life cycle.” @piptotty

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