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If you love great beef, and understanding how your meat was raised is important to you, then this is the offer for you.

This time around we are doing something slightly different. 

Our good friends at Diemen's Ridge English Longhorns on the farm in Evandale, like most of Tasmania, have been suffering heavily with the prolonged drought that our beautiful island is currently in so we offered to take some of their rare breed English Longhorn cattle down to our dairy farm in Glen Huon to help fatten them up.

The reason we are so excited about this opportunity is In the latter half of the 20th century, the Longhorn breed was on the brink of extinction. Their large horns made it difficult to house them, and they were not the most efficient converters of fodder to flesh. Diemens Ridge English Longhorns are the only commercial herd in Australia which makes them extremely special. The farm at Evandale, just outside of Launceston has been embarking on a significant program of regenerative transformation, creating wildlife corridors for native animals and planting in excess of 400,000 trees.

Our Beef Boxes each contain around 3kg of 3 week-aged, ethically raised, rare-breed, super flavourful beef. Each box will include a combination of some prime cuts, some slow-cook cuts, mince, and some less-common cuts. 

The large variety of cuts included in this box is a product of our emphasis on whole-animal butchery - eating and using all parts of the animal. This ensures that there is no wastage, respect is shown to the animal by using every part, and that sustainability is prioritised. 

Each box is individually packed to ensure a good assortment of cuts in every order.

Beef Box orders will be sent on Monday the 29th of July.

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