Mixed 16 Case - Bruny Island Sampler

Mixed 16 Case - Bruny Island Sampler

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This is the ultimate Bruny Island Beer Sampler for you to enjoy! In this sampler you'll get a wonderful mix of what we do, so you may just find a new favourite brew. There's two bottles of each beer so you can share with a friend (or not) and we've also doubled up our beloved Farm Ale (so you get 4!)

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This beer case of 16 bottles includes:

 Farm Ale - 500ml bottles (x4)

Farm Ale is a unique pale ale made with barley, wheat, oats and hops from Tasmanian farms. Our flagship session ale is hazy golden, with a smooth bitterness and fruity hop aroma balanced by earthy cereal sweetness. 4.8% a/v

Lighthouse Ale -500ml bottle (x2)

Session red ale named after the famous Cape Bruny Lighthouse, which has stood on the edge of the wild Southern Ocean since 1838. Chewy, biscuity malt flavours are balanced by firm bitterness, while late kettle additions of three Tasmanian aromatic hop varieties – Galaxy, Willamette and Cascade - deliver subtle fruity and floral notes. 2.8% a/v

Cloudy Bay IPA - 500ml bottle (x2)

Raw wheat IPA Cloudy Bay IPA is a hazy India Pale Ale (IPA) with deeply Tasmanian roots, made entirely with locally grown and malted barley, Bruny Island red wheat and Bushy Park hops. Large additions of hops to the fermenting beer deliver big juicy flavours 6.6% a/v

Oxymoron Dark - 500ml bottle (x2)

Oxymoron is our signature dark ale – or is it a pale ale disguised as a dark? Does it matter if you drink it with your eyes closed? Either way, Oxymoron straddles the gulf between pale and dark and is every bit as intriguing as it sounds, with spicy rye notes meeting pungent, fruit-driven hop aromas. 5.5% a/v

Bruny Black - 500ml bottle (x2)

Pouring a reddish-tinged black, this beer offers ample malt-driven flavours of freshly roasted coffee, toffee, and toast intertwined with citrus, spice, and plum notes from Tasmanian-grown Cascade and Ella hops. A robust bitterness emerges late, lingering along with a drying note of roasted barley, making for a complex, yet superbly quaffable drink 5.5% a/v

Whey Stout - 500ml bottle (x2)

Whey Stout is a roasty milk stout enriched with lactose from our very own cow’s milk whey left over after cheese making. Our brewer’s yeast cannot digest the lactose sugar, meaning that it stays behind in the beer and enhances the sweetness and texture. 5.8% a/v.

Bruny Bitter - 500ml bottle (x2)

Bruny Bitter 3.5% a/v is our latest release, a mid strength beer akin to England’s famous hand-pulled best bitters. It pours deep copper, with malt-driven aromas of saltine biscuit and raisins rising from the glass with lashings of blackcurrant, the latter courtesy of dry hopping the fermenting beer with Enigma. The flavour reveals more savoury/sweet cracker and raisins complemented by fruity yeast esters and hop notes, finishing dry with a bracing bitterness.


Note: all our beer 16-packs and cartons are sent via eParcel (separately from your cheese) and should take 5-10 business days to arrive.

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