Glen Huon Dairy Farm Shop

News about our Dairy Farm Shop

We're gutted to announce that our Glen Huon Dairy Farm Shop is closing down its regular open hours, at least for now. We are so grateful for the support shown by the local community to date, especially to Richard and Karen.
This difficult decision is mainly due to the challenging regulations surrounding our ability to sell our own fresh milk. These regulations mean that our bottled milk service is not viable right now, although we are exploring new and innovative ways to achieve this in the future.
We have an association with the newly-renovated Griggs Butcher in Huonville, so all of the products that you know and love (besides our milk) will be available there.
We appreciate that the Farm Shop has provided an outlet for the local community, and we want to continue to show support for locals into the future. We're open to ideas on what this might look like and what services you'd like to see us provide to the community. Tell us what you want us to be.
Thank you for your ongoing support as we work to continue being a meaningful destination for locals and tourists alike.
The Farm Shop will still open to support those participating on our Farm Tours