Our Beers

Bruny Island Beer Co. started with a conversation between a cheese maker and a brewer.  Nick Haddow, founder of Bruny Island Cheese Co., and Evan Hunter, formerly of Tasmanian stalwarts Seven Sheds, Moo Brew and Lark Distillery, designed the brewery around a shared enthusiasm for fermentation and regionally distinctive, artisan produce.  The brewery was built behind the cheesery in Great Bay, Bruny Island and our first beer was released in February 2016.

The unique brewhouse has been built to Evan's specifications using recycled dairy equipment sourced from local farms.  While we maximise the quality and consistency of our products with a mix of old and modern technology, we practise a simple approach to brewing - one that harks back to older methods of making and maturing beer.  We brew slow beer in small batches, and lift, tip and stir everything by hand, knowing that quality is only attainable through determination and hard work.

Our beers are available on tap and in bottles throughout our Cellar Door on Bruny Island, our Hobart shop, through the Cheese Club and our online store as well as in good bars, restaurants and bottle shops throughout Tasmanian and elsewhere.  Please contact us for you nearest retailer.



Farm Ale web size.jpg


Farm Ale

Tasmanian pale ale  -  4.8% a/v

Cheese match: 1792

Farm Ale is a unique pale ale made with wheat, oats and hops from Tasmanian farms.  Our flagship session ale is hazy golden, with a smooth bitterness and fruity hop aroma balanced by earthy cereal sweetness.



Oxymoron web size.jpg



Dark pale ale  -  5.5% a/v

Cheese match: George

Oxymoron is our signature dark ale - or is it a pale ale disguised as a dark ale?  Does it matter if you drink it with your eyes closed?  Either way, Oxymoron straddles the gulf between pale and dark and is every bit as intriguing as it sounds, with spicy rye notes meeting pungent, fruit-driven hop aromas.

Cloudy Bay IPA web size.jpg


Cloudy Bay IPA

Raw wheat IPA  -  6.6% a/v

Cheese match: Raw Milk C2

Cloudy Bay IPA is a hazy India Pale Ale (IPA) with deeply Tasmanian roots, made entirely with locally grown and malted barley, Bruny Island red wheat and Bushy Park Hops.  Juicu citrus and tropical fruit hop characters dominate, with proteins from the wheat contributing an opaque haze and enhanced body.


Whey stout web size.jpeg


Whey Stout

Milk stout made with whey  -  5.8% a/v

Cheese match: Saint

Whey Stout is a roasty milk stout enriched with lactose from our very own organic cow's milk whey left over after cheese making.  Our brewer's yeast cannot digest the lactose sugar, meaning that it stays behind in the beer and enhances the sweetness and texture.



Lighthouse web size.jpg


Lighthouse Ale

Session red ale  -  2.8% a/v

Cheese match: Tom

Lighthouse Ale is a malty session red ale, with biscuity malt flavours balanced by firm bitterness.  Late kettle additions of three Tasmanian aromatic hop variaties - Galaxy, Willamette and Cascade - deliver subtle fruity and floral notes.





Honey Pale Ale

5.4% a/v

Honey Pale Ale has a delicate floral character from Bruny Island seasonal honey variaeties, complemented by earthy cereal notes from Bruny Island raw barley and wheat.  Galaxy and Cascade hops contribute fruity aromatics and a light bitterness.  This beer was developed in collaboration with staff from the local pub, Hotel Bruny, and Bruny Island Gateway at the ferry terminal in Kettering.





Fresh Hop Harvest Ale 

Strong Pale Ale -  6.0% a/v

Cheese match: George

This year’s Fresh Hop Harvest Ale was brewed using Cascade, a variety developed in the United States in the 1950s that is strongly associated with American-style pale ales. We’ve created a ‘Tasmanianised’ strong pale ale using a 50/50 blend of local pale and Munich malts that provide a full-flavoured bread and biscuit-like base to support deep and well-integrated hop characters encompassing mandarin, grapefruit, roses and hints of pine resin.

rye smile - offer 5 websize.jpeg

Rye Smile

Dark rye saison  -  5..9% a/v

Cheese match: George

Rye Smile is a dark saison brewed with a large amount of malted rye. Aromatics from the Belgian yeast accentuate spicy notes from the rye, while a restrained roasted character lingers in a dry finish. 




blk pudding - offer 5 websize.jpeg

Black Pudding

Raspberry Stout 6.0% a/v

Cheese match: George

Black Pudding is a rich winter stout infused with Derwent Valley raspberries. Rich dark chocolate and roasted notes balance a pronounced raspberry aroma and slightly tart flavour. It’s like drinking a chocolate pudding with raspberry coulis.




last ferry larger - offer 5 websize.jpeg

Last Ferry Lager

New World Lager 6.6% a/v

Cheese match: George

Last Ferry Lager is a strong, malt-driven new world lager made with all-Tasmanian malted barley and hops. It underwent a cool open fermentation with a traditional German lager yeast. Modest dry hopping with Galaxy during lagering has contributed subtle orange blossom, rockmelon and passionfruit aromas without overwhelming the biscuity malt flavours. 


blk pudding - offer 5 websize.jpegBruny Black

Dark Ale 5.5% a/v

Cheese match: George

Our late autumn, limited release dark ale ‘Bruny Black’ marks the changing of the seasons: an ideal accompaniment to colder weather and heartier meals as winter approaches.

Pouring a reddish-tinged black, this beer offers ample malt-driven flavours of freshly roasted coffee, toffee, and toast intertwined with citrus, spice, and plum notes from Tasmanian-grown Cascade and Ella hops. A robust bitterness emerges late, lingering along with a drying note of roasted barley, making for a complex, yet superbly quaffable drink.

kindred spirits cheese club 1  copy.jpg


Kindred Spirits

Quinoa and barley ale  -  4.9% a/v

Cheese match: George

Kindred Spirits is a quinoa and barley ale made with organic quinoa grown in northwest Tasmania by Kindred Organics.  Specialty barley malts impart a deep raspberry red colour and caramel/toffee flavours that accentuate the dominant berry-like and nutty characteristics of the quinoa.


second breakfast - webiste extra small.jpg


Second Breakfast

Honey and oat brett saison 7.3% a/v

Cheese match: OEN

Second Breakfast was released in March 2018 for our second anniversary. It was brewed using local honey and organic oats, and fermented with a mixed culture of saison and brettanomyces yeasts.  Floral notes from the honey mingle with funky brett flavours, while the oats help balance the beer's dryness with a silken texture.


Long paddock xmass - orig copy.jpg


The Long Paddock

Tasmanian saison  -  6.5% a/v

Cheese match: Otto

The Long Paddock is made from Tasmanian-grown barley, wheat, oats and hops, and is fermented with a Belgian saison yeast.  It is hazy golden, with aromas of honeyed pear, citrus, cedar and clove.  Sweet cereal notes mingle with fruit and spice flavours, with a moderate bitterness against a very dry finish.


metric cherry - offer 5 webisze.jpg

Metric Stout (brewers reserve) 2019

Barrel Aged Post-imperial stout with sour cherries 11.8% a/v

Cheese match: 1792

2019 Brewer’s Reserve Metric Stout is an extremely limited bottling of post-imperial stout aged in whisky barrels with Tasmanian grown sour morello cherries. This beer is a decadent and unique expression of intense cherry character and tartness with rich whisky, malt and roasted flavours. 

This beer is elegantly presented in a hand-numbered, 750mL corked and caged bottle and is ready to drink now, but will mature gracefully with careful cellaring for many years. There are only 200 bottles available.

metric stout websize.jpg


Metric Stout 2019

Barrel Aged Post-imperial stout 12.3% a/v

Cheese match: Oen

2019 Metric Stout is our first ever barrel matured beer, aged for 32 weeks in Tasmanian single malt whisky casks. Spirit soaked raisins, oak, and candied peel reveal the presence of whisky absorbed from the casks, while also hinting at the Australian port wine origins of the barrels. Malt-driven dark chocolate, espresso and roasted grain add further complexity and an unbelievably silken texture.

This beer is elegantly presented in a 750mL corked and caged bottle and is ready to drink now, but will mature gracefully with careful cellaring for many years.