Mixed Cans Case (24)

Mixed Cans Case (24)

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Since 2016 Bruny Island Beer Co. has been making beers that tell a distinctly Tasmanian story. (Most of) our beers are made by hand on Bruny Island and are open fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurised and bottle conditioned... except for a few. 

In 2022, we first brought Farm Ale to the city and made a batch in a fancy urban brewery. From here, Urban Farmer -  a uniquely Tasmanian Pale Ale in a can - was born.

Following this, we decided to produce a canned version of two of our favourite brews - Bruny Bitter and Bruny Black.

We've put together a mixed 24 pack to showcase our current canned beer offerings!

You'll receive 8 of each of these beers.


Urban Farmer is hazy golden in colour, with a fruity hop aroma & smooth bitterness balanced by earthy cereal sweetness.

4.8% a/v


Bruny Black is an easy drinking companion for winter weather, warm fires and hearty meals. Pouring a reddish-tinged black, this beer offers ample malt-driven flavours of freshly roasted coffee, toffee, and toast intertwined with citrus, spice, and plum notes from Tasmanian-grown Cascade and Ella hops.

5.5% a/v


Bruny Bitter is a mid strength beer akin to England’s famous hand-pulled best bitters.

Bruny Bitter pours deep copper, with malt-driven aromas of saltine biscuit and raisins rising from the glass with lashings of blackcurrant, the latter courtesy of dry hopping the fermenting beer with Enigma.

The flavour reveals more savoury/sweet cracker and raisins complemented by fruity yeast esters and hop notes, finishing dry with a bracing bitterness. Bruny Bitter is designed for a session, in the tradition of a best English Bitter, and pairs beautifully with cheese.

3.5% a/v

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