Deluxe Cheese Baking Kit

Deluxe Cheese Baking Kit

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Warm, melted, ooey-gooey cheeses are one of the most popular cellar door menu items, especially when the weather outside is cold, wet or windy. This kit has everything you need to re-create our best Baked Cheeses at home, including the pan to bake the cheese in.

You don't have to decide on your favourite Baked Cheese, we've included all three baking beauties for the ultimate indulgent tasting experience. 

OTTO (180g)

A fresh One Day Old cheese wrapped in slices of local prosciutto, that you bake in the oven until the cheese goes all gooey, and the prosciutto goes all crispy.

SAINT (190g)

Surface ripened, soft oozy cheese with a light white mould bloom on the rind. 

1792 (190g)

Washed rind cheese matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, its pinky-orange rind the result of the surface bacteria that give this cheese its complex flavour and aroma. 

Baked Cheese Pan

These great little pans are made from high grade cast iron (which will need to be seasoned first). The pans fit our cheeses perfectly and can go straight from your stove top or your oven and then straight to your table.

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