Milk on Tap


Thanks for purchasing a bottle of our Glen Huon Dairy milk!

We have worked bloody hard to get the freshest, cleanest milk direct to you. We really don’t like single-use plastic milk bottles, so we had to think about another way of doing it. So, we came up with our Milk on Tap system that allows you to fill reusable bottles with our super fresh, delicious farm milk. But for this to work, it means you also have a bit of work to do…

Every step of our milk’s journey, from milking the cow, transporting the milk, pasteurisation and finally delivery of our milk to you, involves lots of cleaning! To keep that quality chain intact, we need you to ensure your bottle is super clean when you bring it back to refill. Below are some guidelines on how to clean and sanitise your milk bottle. 

It is really important to us that your milk stays clean, safe and delicious, so when you return your bottle to be filled, staff will inspect it and if it isn’t properly cleaned they may not fill it for you. 


  1. Rinse emptied bottles immediately with cold tap water. This will remove any milk proteins.  DON’T use hot water first as this will set the proteins to the glass, making it harder to clean
  2. Washing. Wash the bottle with hot water and detergent, using a bottle brush will make this much easier
  3. Rinsing. Rinse the bottle several times with hot water to remove detergent residue
  4. Inspect your bottle, paying particular attention to the “shoulders” of the bottle where the cream-line sits
  5. Repeat the above for your bottle cap.
  6. Sanitising. We always sanitise our milk containers. We realise this can be difficult at home but if at all possible you should add this step.
  7. Use a food grade commercial sanitiser solution at the recommended dilution
  8. If your dishwasher has a sterilisation step, then you can put it through, AFTER steps 1-5
  9. Store bottles upside down to air dry. It is very important to thoroughly dry your bottle before placing the cap back on. Do not dry with towels or other implements.

Please ensure bottle is perfectly clean and totally dry before capping and re-filling.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your fresh Glen Huon Dairy milk. Be sure to check the weekly updates on the fat and protein content of the milk as these will change seasonally.

Great milk, Great for the Environment