As a small business, located in a very special part of the world, we are committed to the environment and the communities in which we operate. We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is ethical, respectful and responsible and apply this ethos to every stage of our business. 
We understand that we are a considerable drawcard for visitors to our region and try to conduct ourselves in a way that shares our island and our way of life with our visitors without allowing them to exploiting it or detract from it. Our hope is that our overall contribution to our region is a positive one and that we manage our business in harmony with the local community and environment.
We aim to achieve our sustainability and ethical targets through our dedication to the following:
The Environment:
Our cheese and beer production is located on the Bruny Island, in southern Tasmania. Bruny Island is highly regarded for its natural, rugged beauty. Our operation on Bruny Island has been designed to minimise power and water inputs. The waste water is treated onsite and recycles as irrigation water. The main by-products of our cheese and beer production are whey and spent grain, both of which are captured and used as a nutritional feed on a neighbouring pig farm. These pigs are then sold through our shop in the form of sausages and bacon. 
In the near future, we will add a solar power and battery facility at our Bruny Island sight to further reduce our carbon footprint.
Our farm at Glen Huon sits along the beautiful Huon River and has recently been granted Organic Certification – reflecting our dedication to responsible farming practices and animal welfare. We operate this farm completely transparently and welcome visitors to come and engage with our approach to agriculture.
The Community:
We live on a remote island of 700 residents. As one of the larger businesses on Bruny Island, we take seriously our responsibility to understand the nature of living and working on a place like Bruny Island and to contribute positively to our community without exploiting it. We do this in many ways, some obvious and some more subtle. We are sensitive to the complexities of running a business where other choose to live and support the wish of the local community to keep Bruny Island as unspoilt as possible.
The Economy:
We directly support the local economy by preferentially employing and training local residents and by deliberately choosing to work with local businesses and by supporting local causes wherever possible. We are passionate Tasmanians and promote our region wherever we go. The combined efforts of our business has contributed greatly to the local economy and we are proud of this contribution.