The Stuff We Care About

We care about real cheese. And bread. And beer. We are obsessed with fermentation. We think food should make you happy. We think it should also make you think. We are passionate about raw milk. We think having a relationship with our consumers is really important. We sometimes value feedback. We reckon people should be able to choose what they eat and how they live. We care about our impact on the environment. We believe people ate better a hundred years ago than they do today. We don't understand cheese awards. We often do things the hard way. We love change, but we don't like lots of planning. We work bloody hard. We reckon our customers are our best judges. We might not always nail it, but we will always have a crack. We value conversation. We don't tolerate dickheads. We love small farms. We go to work to make a difference. We will usually have an opinion. We are never as good as we could be.

We are far from finished.